Flow State Microdosing

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Buy Flow state microdosing, provides the best quality functional & medicinal mushroom extract powder in USA. Our range includes Chaga, reishi, coffee mushrooms & more.


Flow State Microdosing

Buy Flow state microdosing, provides the best quality functional & medicinal mushroom extract powder in USA. Our range includes Chaga, reishi, coffee mushrooms & more.

When the human body is in an environment that contains significant levels of radiation, it has been shows through studies on plants that subtle physical energies can be disturbe. Floww dropsare specially formulate to protect the integrity of the structure of the cells in your body, which are constantly challenged by (non-ionizing) radiation.

HOW DO Flow State Microdosing WORK?

Floww drops are bio-resonance drops that work on a purely energetic, non-homeopathic basis by delivering multi-bio resonant equivalences. Bio resonant equivalences are positive frequencies that resonate at the level of the invading frequency. Flow State brings you functional mushroom products that have been teste in UK for safety..


Incorporate floww drops into your daily routine to fight back against the adverse effects of damaging EMFs in your environment. It’s a simple action that can safeguard you from the consequences of harmful radiation today.

7 reviews for Flow State Microdosing

  1. Andre

    I had experience ulcer way back 2018 and I vomited a lot whenever food came in my stomach, not even a piece of bread nor small fruit can go in. My stools had blood. I can’t even walk 10 meters from where I stand. Then a friend introduce Lingzhi. I used the 1-2-4-6 technique of the capsules. There’s an interaction within my body that made me shiver. And after awhile, I felt like my inner body was regenerating itself. I slept for hours like I never had sleep before. When I woke up, my body was looking for food. I ate soft food like congee and later that day, I slowly taking medium hard then hard food. What I experienced is my second chance of life. I never had any attack of ulcer ever since. Until now, I maintain the capsules and the coffee that contains lingzhi for supplement.

  2. Guillermo

    Been using Pro Formula reishi from Reishi Essence with very positive results. After many visits to doctors and specialists, they couldn’t find what was wrong with me except the fact that I need to eat healthier and be more active. I have low metabolism overall so I experienced fatigue, lack of stamina and energy. I just wasn’t feeling like myself for many years. Upon the recommendation of an eastern medicine physician to try Pro Formula, I felt the improvement overtime. Now, I am back

  3. Demetrius

    I began a daily regimen of (Mushroom Harvest) Reshi, Lions Mane and Cordyceps ~ 1000-1500mg after finally recognizing a cutaneous melanoma on my back as serious. A dermatologist cut it all out but I also had nail bed streaks and apparent nodular melanoma on my arm. I have been on the reishi over a year and have added periodic Chaga. I believe that the mushrooms have helped to fade mitigate/ameliorate other symptoms including cardiac arrhythmia, dizziness, mental confusion/memory loss and essential tremor.

  4. Fabian

    I started taking ganoderma almost two years ago when a friend suggested I try ganocafe. I had no idea what it was, and didn’t expect any results. After a month, so many of the digestive problems that I had seen countless gastro doctors for disappeared and my energy levels were notable. I used to take one-hour naps every day, but a few weeks after taking the ganoderma I realized I hadn’t taken a nap once. I used to get colds and flu two to three times a year and had bad asthma when exercising. I have not been sick once since taking Ganoderma and my asthma has improved considerably, though it has not disappeared. I now use plain reishi mushroom powder in decaf coffee because ganocafe was too expensive. I am usually a big believer in science and I don’t buy into natural medicine, but this was a game-changer for me. I took it reluctantly, not even knowing what it was good for, and was so surprised by the benefits. I am a big advocate of this stuff for those who don’t have diseases that it interferes with. I have no diagnosed diseases other than asthma, so I recommend anyone talk to their doctor before taking it if they they are on prescribed medications.

  5. Garrett

    I ordered two products and received both, with a bonus product, in quick time. There was a large range with easy navigation to what suited me most. Even though it was just before Christmas my orede rwas despatched within a day.

  6. margret

    is amazing in complementing my treatment for breasts cancer. Under my doctor’s supervision, I have been taking Pro Formula Reishi since my treatment started. My cancer is now in remission but I keep taking Pro Formula to maintain and prevent relapses.

  7. Morris

    I’ve been taken it in powder form for 5 month now. It regulated my bloodpressure prolem and even made my acid reflux dissappear – I’m not sure though about the second one, if reishi did it or not. But probably it did. I got it from here: http://dxnganodermacoffee.ie

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