Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar (10pcs) 


Each of these shroom bars contains twelve pieces of chocolate with an average weight of 290 mg for each piece (3.5g total bar).  The precise measurement of the weight allows you to consume the exact right dosage of Psilocybin in the form of chocolate, without the gritty taste.

  • (1) 3.5g Chocolate Bar FREE w/ purchase 10 bars – $300


Mushroom Chocolate Bars

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Shroom bars Magic Chocolate are a great gateway into the magical world of psychedelics for those who are still new. or curious about magic mushrooms. Shroomies is a Canadian collective who believe in both the awesome recreational applications as well as the deep. intrinsic medicinal properties of psychedelics.

How to Enjoy Shroom bars in Texas?

When experimenting with medicated gushers fruit edibles, start with a small amount such as 1 or 2 pieces, wait up to 60 mins to gauge its therapeutic experience, then decide if you want to consume more airheads edibles. Everyone in Virginia reacts differently to ingested Psilocybin chocolate treats. Your body weight and metabolism play a part as does your tolerance level.

Taking the fun of magic mushrooms and combining them with the delicious flavours of chocolate. these Magic Chocolate Bars are a convenient and tasty alternative to dried mushrooms.

Psilocybe Cubensis species of mushrooms were chosen for their high psilocybin contents, with additional levels of psilocin as well as their rich. full-spectrum experience. The trip relates with Psilocybe Cubensis is known for its’ acute visual sensations and generally positive effects at regular doses.

One Up Shroom bars Facts

  • (12) Pieces Per Bar
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dosage 3.5mg Psilocybin entire bar


These tasty chocolate bars come in a range of flavours. such as Milk Chocolate Crunch. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and the dynamic duo of Cookies & Cream!
Shroomies Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars are available in 3000mg dosages in the following flavours:

Shroomies Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars are available in 3000mg dosages in the following flavours:
Cookies and Cream 3000mg , Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 3000mg, Milk Chocolate Crunch 3000mg

Discover Mushroom chocolate bars

Divided into four squares. these psi locybin-infused chocolates are convenient because of their easy dose nature. Ranging in both potency and flavour, these allow for flexible methods of microdosing or plain enjoyment.

These chocolate bars are infuse with Golden Teacher mushrooms which are famous for their reliable trip and are often the gateway shroom for newbies. They’re commonly use for gaining new insight about yourself and the universe due to their spiritual and shamanic effects.

This chocolate bar is 4 x 750mg squares for a total of 3000mg per bar Recommend dosage:
• Beginners: half to one square

Psychonauts: one to three squares

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