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How To Order

How To Buy Medicine Online

This page contains instructions for completing the checkout process when purchasing product online. If you have never done this before and are unsure, follow the Step by Step Instructions for Ordering Online.


Select Your Medicine

Firstly, choose your product at the shop/ store or click  the Search button. After you fine product choose quantity then click “Add to cart” or "Buy". Add even more products , then you will begin the checkout process.


Enter Address

Fill in your shipping information. This is where you want your product shipped to (applicable for physical product).
Next click ". Continue to Shipping Information" to proceed to the next stage in the checkout process.


Pay Your Bill

This is a very important step. Select payment options and click "Place Order". 
To complete the shopping cart process. Contact Us immediately for payment instructions and check your email inbox.


Receive Your Medicine

Your payment has been placed, but still processing/ on hold, or pending Payment.  So you now must "Finalize Your Order. If you need help or would like someone to walk you through placing your order online, just Email Us or give us a call.

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