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One Up Mushroom Bar combine the best of chocolates with the powerful psychedelic trips of magic mushrooms.


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The magic mushrooms were either ingested whole, mixed into food, or made into a tea and then ingested. Mushrooms are the source of the most intense completed “trip,” yet their supposedly unpleasant flavor has inspired countless dishes like mushroom chocolate.

Polk a dot shroom bar

For chocolate-based recipes that also use mushrooms, the name “mushroom chocolate” is commonly used. Mushroom chocolate bars in particular are a well-liked shroom-related delicacy since they are a tasty way to get your mushroom fix without having to force it down your throat. Many individuals continue to ignore the dangers of psychedelic mushrooms even when there are new recipes available.

These names include psychedelic mushrooms, shrooms, magic mushrooms. buy polkadot shroom bars for sale online. What Is Mushroom Chocolate? Mushrooms chocolate produced for therapeutic reasons are called magic mushrooms, mushies, psilocybin mushrooms, and many others. Despite the fact that magic mushrooms, which are more commonly referred to by their slang moniker shrooms. Are not addictive and are rarely abused, the labels given to them vary greatly from community to community.


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